The Partners

Energein – Powering Your Sustainability Journey

Energein is a one-stop shop for integrating cutting-edge sustainable energy technologies and information and communication technologies (ICT) applications. Energein offers comprehensive solutions for diverse clients in both the public and private sectors.


Integrated Services: Seamlessly combine renewable energy sources (RES), energy efficiency improvements, and wholesale electricity market expertise to optimize your energy usage.

Experienced Team: Their team boasts over 15 years of experience in demanding projects and programs, led by highly qualified academic and professional experts.

Wide-Ranging Solutions: They cater to municipalities, regions, universities, NGOs, hospitals, private companies, and electricity providers, helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

Empowering Success:

Public Sector: Optimizes energy use and reduces costs for municipalities, regions, and other public institutions.

Private Sector: Enhances the operations with sustainable technologies and improves product or service quality.

Electricity Providers: Leverages advanced methodologies and ICT applications to optimize performance and manage risks effectively.

ΔΕΗ: Leading the Energy Landscape in Greece

DEI (Public Power Corporation), is the the largest electricity provider in Greece. DEI was founded by the Greek government in 1950. Its main purpose was to plan and apply a national energy policy that, through the exploitation of the domestic products and resources, would distribute cheap electric power to all Greek citizens. Today, DEI Group consists of 3 subsidiary companies DEI S.A., the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO or DEDDIE) S.A., and PPC RENEWABLES S.A.

Market Leader: DEI boasts a dominant position as the largest electricity provider in Greece, serving millions of customers across various sectors.

Reliable Partner: With over 80 years of experience, DEI offers a proven track record of reliability and expertise in power generation, distribution, and retail.

Diversified Portfolio: They cater to diverse segments like households, businesses, and industries, providing both traditional and renewable energy solutions.

Innovation Drive: Committed to progress, DEI actively invests in renewable energy sources, smart grids, and innovative technologies.
Strong Partnerships: Collaborative ventures are key to their growth strategy, offering exciting opportunities for potential partners.

Renel – Project Promoter

Renel provides innovative, holistic solutions for energy and electromechanical projects and services. Emphasizing on the industrial, energy and building sector, Renel designs and implements cost-effective and green solutions for businesses and organizations, helping to improve business efficiency, increase resilience and promote their business vision.

From design and construction to maintenance services, Renel excels in low and medium-voltage electrical installations, renewable energy sources, and #electromobility projects. Renel is serving as the project promoter and leading our coordinated efforts to revolutionize aerial power network inspections. Together, we’re reaching new heights!